• REX3M - Zigbee module


    01.Main Character


    ■ Output power up to 19.5dBm

    ■ High receiver sensitivity:-100dBm

    ■ Excellent link budget:119.5dBm

    ■ Reliable wide range of communication:2000m(Visual distance)

    ■ Very low power consumption

        ● Sleep mode:<2.8μA

        ● Receive mode:20mA

        ● Emission mode:127mA@19.5dBm

    ■ Rich storage resources

        ● EFR32MG232:256K/1024K byte Flash;32K/128K byte RAM

    ■ The 4 GPIO can be configured as multifunctional interfaces according to the user's needs

        ● GPIO

        ● External interrupt source

        ● 12 bit precision ADC sampling channel

        ● USART hardware flow control

        ● TWI interface

        ● SPI/I2C interface

        ● Support MAC address write to Flash

        ● Marry antennas are available

        ● Conforms to the IEEE 802.15.4 specification and ZigBee 3.0 standards

        ● 2.4G unlicensed work frequency band

        ● Support the AT directive


    02.Product Brief

    REX3M is a compact, high sensitivity, low power ZigBee module. Based on the innovative hardware platform of RexBee, this module conforms to the IEEE 802.15.4 standard and the ZigBee 3.0 protocol standard, and has been widely used in wireless sensing, control and data acquisition. Using this module saves a lot of time and effort for the development of the user, thus saving time and development costs for the product market.


    03.Product Application 

    The RexBee  module meets the IEEE 802.15.4 standards and ZigBee 3.0 protocol standards, supports self-healing and self organized mesh networks, optimizes network traffic and reduces power consumption. This module supports two application configurations:

        ● Transparent transmission:The user can carry out the program development according to our AT instruction program

        ● Customization:We can prowide reliable and safe application according to the specific application of our customers

    Applications for modules include, but are not limited to:

    ■ Building automation and monitoring

        ● Lighting control

        ● Wireless smoke detector and gas detector

        ● Structural integrity monitoring

    ■ HVAC Monitoring and control

    ■ Inventory management

    ■ Environmental monitoring

    ■ Security Protection

    ■ Industrial Monitoring

        ● Condition and performance monitoring of mechanical equipment

        ● Monitoring of plant systems(e.g. temperature, pressure, water flow, humidity, etc.)

    ■ Automatic meter reading


    04.Product Advantage

    ■ The package is compact and can be used even with very small equipment

    ■ Industry leading link budget

    ■ Exellent battery life

    ■ 4 layer PCB board design

    ■ Rich storage resources for customer software applications

    ■ Mesh networking capability

    ■ Easy to use low cost development kit

    ■ ISM unlicensed frequency band

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